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How did TRIO come to be?

TRIO is the brainchild of three profound mathematicians, hence our name. As recent graduates from the BSc Mathematics programme at the University of Malta, we can closely relate to the struggles that are faced by secondary school students sitting for their O-level examinations. Not only did we, as a trio of friends, have divergent perceptions of Mathematics as a whole, but we also acknowledged the fact that we had different levels of understanding.

As such, we decided to join forces, take action and develop a user-friendly platform of video solutions that is built by students, for students.

Our services are provided solely for the purpose of instilling peace of mind and comfort inside our youths’ preparation process for their O-levels.

Focusing initially on the subject of Mathematics and built on the academic lecturing experience of one of our founders, we investigated a myriad of teaching methods to identify the most efficient approaches to tackle a given problem.

What we came up with is a collection of interactive, detailed solutions comprising of explanations that dictate not only the how, but also the why and the intention that goes into the thought process of arriving at the correct answer to a given exam question, regardless of its level of difficulty. As a result, we are confident that our products are suitable for most students that have merely a basic understanding of the topics required in the Mathematics SEC syllabus.

Why TRIO ?

Being the first provider of audio-visual detailed solutions to SEC Mathematics past papers in Malta, TRIO prides itself in utilizing modern-day technology to complement the studying process of local students. We offer a cloud-based streaming service to grant to our clients the benefit of practicing for their upcoming exams at the comfort of their own homes on any device of their choice, whilst ensuring that the required material is accessible at the click of a button.

At TRIO, our intention is to provide added convenience to both the student and the respective parent or guardian. This convenience comes in various forms:

  • Enhanced efficiency for our users to obtain a quicker solution to a past paper problem. We mitigate the inconvenience of sluggish communication between student and teachers for routine problems in past papers, making it a win-win situation for both.
  • We enable the parents or guardians to monitor closely the studying time of their children, as our products are purely cloud-based and can hence be consumed inside your homes at your own discretion.
  • We comfort our users with the benefit of studying at the desired pace, with the option to pause and play or watch our videos as many times as necessary to achieve full understanding of a solution.
  • Rather than restricting the students’ study time to a fixed set of hours, TRIO orients itself around the demanding schedules of both the student and the parent, maintaining full flexibility for both parties.